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MetaQuotes social trading is a build-in service developed by creators of MetaTrader 4. It allows you to mirror signals from successful traders right from your MT4 account. Just subscribe to the selected trader’s signals and the deal will be automatically added to your terminal.

If you are an experienced trader and want to make extra profit, you can become a signal provider and not just benefit from your trades, but receive commission from every investor who subscribes to your signals.

It is a mutually beneficial service which connects successful traders and those who just starts trading on Forex.

Signal Provider

For a signals provider social trading means extra profit from each subscriber. Make successful trades, get higher position in the rating and you will be noticed! More subscribers - more profit!

If you are a professional trader - share your signals and help less advanced traders to profit from trading by mirroring your deals.

If you are trying out a new strategy, get more investors to mirror your trades and learn how your strategy works in different conditions and accounts.


For a subscriber social trading means new possibilities and higher profit.

If you are a novice in Forex trading, MetaQuotes signals may be your best opportunity to actually start trading on Forex.

If you are not new to financial markets, you can also benefit from this service by studying new strategies and new trading instruments and make profit at the same time. You do not need to spend tremendous amount of time on reading news and forums where professional traders discuss their trading activities. Just subscribe for the signals and become a professional by yourself!

Social Trading with MetaQuotes is Unique


Bagaimana mendapatkan sinyal trading?

  1. Register at www.mql5.com

    It is a major trader’s portal from the creators of MT4
  2. Choose a successful signal provider

    After the registration in MT4 the “signals” tab will appear. Open it to see the list of signal providers. Please mind that the rating is formed on many factors. You can filter providers by: number of trades, monthly profit, number of subscribers, balance chart, etc.
  3. Pelajari lebih tentang penyedia sinyal

    Double click the provider’s name to go to his/her personal page. You will be able to find all the relevant information about this particular provider.
  4. Subscribe

    After choosing the provider that suits you the best, press “Subscribe” button. In the pop-up window set the restrictions to secure your funds: percentage of funds that can be used for trading, the minimum account balance upon reaching which the trade should be closed and slippage restrictions.
  5. Semuanya telah siap!

    To receive the signals in real time your terminal should be active.

Bagaimana menjadi penyedia sinyal?

  1. Register at www.mql5.com

    It is a major trader’s portal from the creators of MT4
  2. Connect to MQL services right from the terminal.

    Choose “Settings” option in the “Tools” tab. In the pop-up window fill in your MQL account credentials in the “Community” section.
  3. Daftarkan akun trading anda sebagai sinyal

    To do that, right-click your account in Navigator menu and choose the “register as signal” option. You will be transferred to the page where you will need to register your account as a signal by giving it a unique name and creating a password for your future investors.
  4. Tentukan komisi sinyal anda

    Set the commission amount you would like to receive from each investor. You can give out your signals for free or receive a fixed commission.
  5. Become a signal provider for thousands of traders!

    After you have clicked the “register as a provider” button, you will officially become a signal provider. Manage your signals, publish news and send messages to your subscribers. Expand the number of your subscribers to receive more profit!

Penyedia Sinyal yang Dapat Diakses

Semua penyedia sinyal yang terdaftar dipertimbangkan dalam beberapa faktor, seperti ketika akun dibuka, jumlah pelanggan dan perdagangan, persentase perdagangan yang berhasil dan tidak berhasil.

Jangan lupa bahwa Anda dapat memfilter penyedia berdasarkan faktor yang berbeda dan memilih salah satu yang paling cocok untuk Anda.

Daftar di MetaQuotes dan menjadi bagian dari komunitas perdagangan global!


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